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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

La Nadiniere was created to tell stories through the scent, taste and textures of its products. We strongly believe in the art of remembering moments. And that is exactly what we are aiming to create here - MOMENTS TO BE REMEMBERED IN TIME.

The first descriptive line of the brand was "Handcrafted to tell your story". I instantly connected with this line. Now, let me explain to you why. For such a long time now, I've wanted to create a sort of chart/poster where each of our macarons would be thoroughly described and assigned to a certain feeling or human feature, all of which meant to carry forward a meaningful message. For example, the framboised macaron - to be associated with intense love , the dark chocolate chili one - to be transposed into intense passion, and so on. At the end, my plan was to include a "feelings map" in each box so that the person who gets this gift understands the feelings behind it.

Well, as said in the brand promise, each story is born from another. And so, this story I've just told you has been inspired by one of my all times favourite movies- ALFIE. If you watch it, you'll relate. The guy falls madly in love with an older woman and gets desperate to show his love. He goes to a flower shop in New York City and describes the personality of the woman he adores , while the florist creates his own, personalized bouquet, all based on her human features.

I found that so inspiring! Actually, writing down this story gets me really excited and I will soon put this whole "feelings map" idea in practice.

Until then, stay tuned! I've got so many other stories for you!


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