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La Nadiniere logo story #reallifestories

Your business card is a reflection of your promoted values. That’s a fact. But in our case we just had so many values we wanted to express and promote through our products and brand that we found it interesting to actually offer you an insight into these ——

Well, the whole idea behind our logo design started with a strong will of combining elegance, a touch of abstract tenderness & complexity, all of which to be sheltered under the hat of premium quality and French high end pastry products. ——

I once saw a vector line figure in the shape of a ballerina. I immediately pictured that perfect skirt of hers as a macaron. It was suggesting perfection, simplicity and class. I instantly envisioned that as a potential logo for our brand, but I was still not fully attached to that exact idea. I knew I wanted to add a little bit of life and personality to that so I can later integrate it into a real life story. ——

A couple of days later, another vector line painting came my way. This time envisioning two passionate lovers. Again, those continuous lines gave me a feeling of consistency and commitment and I thought to myself “even though these lines appear to be meaningless, they truly have the superpower of spreading inspiration”. ——

So I couldn’t let go of that idea and finally came up with this young, careless, classy and sassy Parisian lady proudly wearing her framboised macaron hat. ——

And guess what? The vector line painting of the two passionate lovers is now rocking on my bedroom wall. I guess I just fell in love with this whole idea ——

Probably, life is all about the stories we create along the way and how open we are to let that inspiration flow within. So I invite you to create stories together!



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